We did it! We are here! We made it to GUAM!! 

After a 20+ hour travel journey, we have officially arrived on island … exhausted and smiling! 

The last few weeks before getting here have been beyond stressful. Literally everything that could go wrong, did. All our worst case scenarios came to reality and our first set of flights and the date that we were suppose to leave was canceled. We were devastated and stressed beyond belief. But here we are, almost 2 weeks later and we are safe and sound. 

The flight journey here was tough. Our family was separated on different flights half of the time and different seats through the final leg of our journey. Avery (my 5 year old) did an AMAZING job through the most difficult and lengthy journey she’s ever experienced. Thank goodness for snacks, the kindle and all the downloaded movies to keep some sanity! 

All 5 of us are here; this includes our 2 pets! They are still in quarantine as Guam is a ‘no rabies’ island so there was so much paperwork and health requirements to get them to come with us. We are so excited to be reunited with our fur-babies soon! 

We have comfortably settled into a temporary hotel home for now as we wait to get a house on the Naval Base. It feels so good to actually be sleeping in a bed and have a table to eat at! We had been living with nothing in our California home as the movers took everything back on the 26th of May! And yes … now we also have to get wait (probably until August) to get all of our items that were shipped. We are currently living out of about 6 suitcases but we are happy! 

In the short time we have been here, we have already been swimming multiple times in the pool, swimming in the ocean (which is so warm, blue and clear), and explored some of the islands beaches! We have seen a gecko, some pretty amazing tropical fish, some cool new bugs, birds and butterflies, had the rain come down on us as we swam, and saw a couple of the most beautiful Guam rainbows! 

Also, it’s so tropical here! It’s so hot and humid, it’s going to definitely take some time for us to acclimate to this new climate. BUT IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! 

We are all really tired and this time change (about 17 hours AHEAD of PST) is brutal but we are running on adrenaline and excitement and SO STOKED to be here! 

I think we will love it here! 🏝

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