I most recently have had the privilege to partner with Coats for Kids in my home town of Frederic, Wisconsin.

Coats for Kids is a nonprofit program and annual distribution event serving Polk and Burnett Counties in Wisconsin. They give out winter wear for ANY child in need. Coats for Kids was started in 2009 by Luann Ackerley (my mother) and Sylvia Hansen with a simple goal and wish in mind: to support and give back to our local community so no child will be without winter outerwear. 

OMJ is happy to have donated t-shirts and tote bags with the Coats for Kids logo, which they will be selling to locals where 100% off the profits will go directly to clothing the local children for winter! 

If you're interested in learning more about Coats for Kids and donating, please check out their website: 


OH! A big FYI. The tote bag is extra special because the “COATS FOR KIDS” is written in my late mothers handwriting, a founder of the nonprofit!

BIG SHOUT OUT to Tracey Westerburg & Trevor Otto for taking over & continuing to lead this amazing non-profit! 

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