Packed Up!

The day has officially arrived.
The movers are here and OMJ is all packed up (along with our entire house; besides some suitcases that fit about 3 months of living) and headed for it’s long journey across the pacific ocean. Estimated arrival for our stuff … potentially 3 months! 😅 3 months without our stuff … ahhhh! This packing, purging, organizing and selling process has been A-LOT so a big part of me is thankful to have this day over with and ready to just relax until we have to get on the plane… which is going to be A LONG TRIP … but let’s not think about that yet! 

Time to take a few deep breaths and enjoy Southern California for a tiny bit longer before we make our way across that big beautiful Pacific Ocean and start Island Life! Pinch me, is this really happening!? 

Thanks for sticking with us over here and watching this journey unfold with us! - Dana 

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