Home Sweet Home

The day finally arrived & we were offered a house on base! Hallelujah! 🙌🏼😭 After 11 weeks and a whole lot of patience we HAPPILY moved into our official Guam home this week! We have been dreaming of this day since we walked out of our home in California. This journey has been beyond stressful and has tested our patience the entire time. I can’t yet say that this house is worth the wait … but ask me in a couple months after we are unpacked, settled and have built a home here. 

And … not only did we move into a house but we got our large shipment of belongings! The shipment had already arrived into Guam over a month ago and had to sit in the warehouse waiting for us to get into a house. WE HAVE OUR STUFF! I finally get to enjoy my patio furniture again … hence this cute picture with my OMJ mug that arrived unscathed! Yay! 

Now what? Well … I’ll be unpacking boxes, building furniture, organizing and cleaning for awhile. Let the fun begin! Actually, I’m super stoked to have my own space to control again! And I get to set up my OMJ headquarters! 

Now that we are in a house I also have to start school with my daughter. I will be homeschooling here while we live in Guam and we are so stoked for this journey! Kindergarten here she comes!! 

Oh and … enjoying this beautiful island of course. I do feel so blessed and am thankful to be here everyday! 

What am I worried about now? Well, even though we have done a quick glance at most of our stuff (when it was dropped off by the movers) to check for damages, I’ll be looking more closely especially at my OMJ supplies to make sure nothings broken. I’m mostly worried about my sublimation printer and if it’s toast after sitting in a wooden box for months. Ugh, fingers crossed my printer works and the shirt inventory that I brought with me is mold and damage free! 🤞🏼

As always, I’ll keep you guys posted on our lives here and what is to come for OMJ. I definitely won’t be up and running for a few months (at least) and I’m currently in no hurry to work OMJ as I need to get our house up and running as a home. 

Thanks for all the love and supper, always. 🖤

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